Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness - State of LouisianaSince 1990, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emgergency Preparedness has coordinated several hundred State Disaster Declarations authorized under the Governor's signature. The GOHSEP staff is poised and ready to serve the people of Louisiana at a moment’s notice.
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What Is Mitigation? To mitigate is not complicated -- it simply means “to make less severe.” Trimming trees and limbs away from your home; installing working shutters; anchoring your manufactured home or creating a safe room to protect your family from high winds, are all examples of mitigation. Mitigation is smart and responsible. And it’s cost effective!

To Learn MoreVisit these Web sites to learn more about how you can lessen the impact of future storms:

    The LSU Agricultural Center Web site offers a variety of support information including articles and videos on preventing flood damage to your home also provides detailed flooding and wind hazard zones in Louisiana, and practical information and detailed instructions on elevating your home or building on higher ground.
  • is an all-encompassing Web site that provides a wealth of information on flooding and other natural and man-made disasters. explains how to prepare for a flood – basic food safety rules, preparing and protecting your pets and mitigation advice like safeguarding your electrical and air conditioning systems to minimize the risk of electricity loss and damage.
  • is a comprehensive Web site for emergency preparedness and mitigation. With banks of topics ranging from keeping your house clear of tree branches for lessening the risk of damage to your home during a wind or a winter ice storm, to how to wood brace your garage door, to information on proper methods to anchor a manufactured home.
  • is a wide-ranging Web site designed for contractorsand their customers who want to build smart and safe. Informed home builders and those interested in renovating their home can find the most up-to-date techniques, for bracing a roof to resist wind damage and installing storm windows and shutters, all to better outfit homes at this site.

Get the checklist! LSU’s Louisiana House showcases hazard-resistant design. Get tips and a checklist for making your home or business hazard resistant.Learn More » Helpful Resources

For more information on hazard mitigation funding, click and download the Funding Hazard Mitigation Workbook, the Funding Hazard Mitigation Non-Disaster and Disaster Resource Reference and the Instruction Guide.

FEMA Resources

Best Practices Portfolio: Examples on how others have used mitigation techniques to reduce losses in homes,
businesses and in their community

Avoiding Hurricane Damage: A Checklist for Homeowners

Coastal Construction Manual: Principles and Practices of Planning, Siting, Designing, Constructing, and Maintaining Residential Buildings in Coastal Areas (3rd ed.)

Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House

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